Friday, March 1, 2013

Mar 2013 Why is Christianity Unique

Pastors Page Mar 2013 Why is Christianity unique? By faith we are Christians. Our faith gives us an understanding of the world from the creator’s point of view. It gives us a standard of right and wrong. It gives us comfort during times of trouble. It gives us a purpose in life. It gives us a shield against the fear of death. It gives us hope for the future, not only on Earth, but in eternity as well. We believe that salvation is through Jesus Christ alone. Now many people balk at the last proposition – “Jesus Christ alone? That’s not right. Each religion thinks they are the right ones. Christianity is simply one of many.” However, there is an insidious hidden agenda with this type of thinking. If there is nothing unique about Christianity, then I am not held accountable to any one absolute truth. If there is nothing unique about Christianity then “what I believe about God” is just as good as “what you believe about God.” If there is nothing unique about Christianity, then I am safe to believe whatever I want to believe about God. Or more to the point, I can make up whatever I want to believe about God. That is the hidden agenda. I frequently hear people say “I can’t believe in a loving God who sends people to Hell… so I don’t believe in Hell. Unfortunately, as loving as it sounds, what is really happening is that they are changing “what the Bible says” into something that makes them more comfortable. There is a problem with that. It is a sin to try to make God in our image. It is a sin to try to make God into what we would like Him to be. That’s why people try to say - “Christianity is not unique.” They want to believe “what they want to believe” and disregard the rest. However, Christianity IS unique. What makes Christianity unique? “Death.” All religions talk about “what happens after death.” All leaders of religions have had to deal with death. But Christianity is unique. Only one person has experienced death, AND come back to tell us what its like. Only one has experienced death, and has said He is preparing a place for us. Only one has experienced death and triumphed over death. Only one person came back for death to save us. That one person is Jesus Christ. That is the awesome message of the Gospel. That is what we celebrate on Easter. That is the joy of the Easter Gospel for it says “God loves you” and wishes to share eternal joy with you. That is what makes Christianity unique in all the world. That is why Jesus is the only way.